Hi, I'm Camilo De Martino a Swiss Multimedia Designer.
I'm passionate about motion, visual effects and video post-production.
What I particularly enjoy in my job is being face to face with challenges that must be solved in the most efficient way possible in order to fulfill the objectives. Mixing the techniques, being creative, trying new things, and getting the best possible results: for me, that’s the core of the job.

I would be more than happy to talk with you about my work in more details.
Feel free to contact me if you want to get in touch

contact me:hello[at]kamylo.ch
photo de moi

Les Bidules de Jules

“Les Bidules de Jules” is a TV show for kids made by Samuel & Frédéric Guillaume at Cine3D studio. My contribution to this project was the creation of some sequences in 3D so that they could be seen in 3D stereo!
I first created the sequences in 2.5D with some displacement mapping and other tricks, but after some testing, I thought the result could be improved. So I decided to rebuild the whole scene in 3D. The result in stereo was worth the effort since there is no fake 3D effects and the immersion is really good.


La Nuit de l'Ours

“La Nuit de l'Ours” is an original creation by Samuel & Frédéric Guillaume (for the record, they also made the movie Max&Co).
At the beginning, I worked in animation, then I started to make the rigging and compositing. For this movie, I developed some After Effects script, plug-in and rig system in order to enhance the production.
This movie was recently rewarded at the Fantoche festival 2012 (International Festival for Animation Films)! It received the “Best Swiss” Award and the “Public Award”.



FUEO is a personal project on which I worked in collaboration with other artists (in particular for the parts involving character animation and design). I personally worked on the matte painting, the compositing and the 3D creation.
This project was an opportunity for me to test Nuke. What I enjoyed the most was the possibility to combine the 3D projection of the mountain, the snow particles and the footage of the character in one single software. And the advantage of keeping compositing tools with all the Nuke nodal system is an asset! This project was for me a first approach of Nuke and it gave me a great insight of the basics.


Fuel For Life - Diesel

“Fuel for life” is a piece of work which was assigned to me during my formation as a Multimedia Designer.
The initial request was to make an advert for Diesel for the "Fuel for life" set. Everything in the final result was shot by myself and my team. We made the color correction in color, which is now obsolete.



Jolieville is a project of theCine3D studio. The whole thing was shot with two stereo cameras. That made the project a real challenge in regard to the post-production work.
My job for this project was to time remap the footage, synchronize them together, adjust levels and colors, and include some new elements.
The final project was shown in green boxes where the movie had to be watched through holes containing polarizing lens, which gave the spectator the impression of seeing a model.


Eikon's Open Days

This is the project of the poster for the Open Days of the institution where I did my formation as a Multimedia Designer.
The idea was to create a visual game with one word being reflected in different glass mirror pieces. In order to get this effect, we made a big installation with bits of glass mirror and punctual bits of colored light.
There is absolutely no Photoshop tricks here. Everything is actual shooting.
What you get in the end is a nice sense of confusion with no landmark at all.